Royal Protection & Security is a leading provider of unarmed security guards and security guard services throughout Florida. It is a fact of life that unarmed security guards have become commonplace in today's society. They are utilized across a wide variety of areas such as residential buildings, parking garages, offices, auto dealerships and hotels. Experience shows that hiring unarmed security guards is the best deterrent for any potential crime against your business, in the most cost effective way that won't hurt your bottom line. Click here to read why security is so important these days for many businesses.

Royal Protection & Security has worked with clients across all industry areas to deliver tailored security solutions. All our unarmed security guards are experienced and licensed in accordance with state requirements and additionally, have undertaken extensive training courses at locations approved by the state as well as on the job training specific to each of our clients. 

Having grown exponentially over the years, Royal Protection & Security has become renowned for employing the most experienced security professionals in the business, who are fully licensed and trained to handle any situation that they may be faced with in the course of their duties.  


Our management team is unrivaled and comprises industry leading experts together with business executives, each of whom play a vital role with all of our clients. To learn what our security company can do for you, set up an initial consultation and free site analysis today.


David Long, Jr, Chief Operating Officer

David is a graduate of the University of Alabama and holds a Master’s degree. He is a veteran of the US Marine Corps. David’s career started in local law enforcement in Alabama for 8 years, working in Street Interdiction Units and Vice.


David brings 15+ years of working in various venues of security, including vast experience as an Executive Protection Specialist protecting celebrities, sports figures and diplomats. In addition, David also has gained 15 years experience as a Private Investigator and as an Operations Manager, working and managing numerous Insurance and SIU Investigations all across the United States.


David’s wealth of industry knowledge and experience is second to none, thus ensuring that Royal Protection & Security is at the forefront of industry standards.

Lloyd Green, Chief Executive Officer

Lloyd hails from the UK where he was born and raised. He is a retired UK attorney, who, at just 32 years old, became one of the youngest Senior Partners of his own personal injury and insurance law firm.  Lloyd's exceptional business acumen meant that he grew his law firm throughout the entirety of the UK, whilst at the same time setting up the largest accident management company based in Scotland, in addition to founding investigation and medical reporting companies too. Upon relocating to the United States, Lloyd sold the law firm to a large company that encompasses a broad spectrum of law and which also has an international legal presence.

Since settling in Florida, Lloyd has become involved with several US based business opportunities, focusing primarily on utilizing his skills to build companies and help them achieve their full potential. Lloyd has been instrumental in moving Royal Protection & Security forward and spearheading new business opportunities for the company. 

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